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3d border

This innovative Back-to-School 3D Border is 24-feet long. These decoratives are attractive, colorful, and look great all the time! But add the 3D glasses and every piece comes to life! This innovative new series takes Back-to-school to a new dimension! Teachers will love how these decoratives create enthusiasm and excitement in the classroom. The interactive experience engages students' senses. More than smiley faces and apples, this product line will interest all ages. Quote from Leaning Magazine's Back-to-School Product Recommendations and Reviews: "An intriguing entrance helps prepare students for a busy day of learning ahead, and this provided just such stimulation. The children used terms such as 'cool' and 'awesome' to describe it!" "It is so nice to have borders, posters, nameplates, etc., that all fit together and show all that goes on in school, so I would certainly recommend this to other teachers."


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