100 word building pyramid puzzles

Picture of 100 word building pyramid puzzles
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100 word building pyramid puzzles

Reproducible Word-Work Activities That Motivate Students to Practice and Strengthen Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Phonics Skills

By Immacula A. Rhodes

Engaging puzzle format builds decoding, phonics, spelling, and critical thinking skills
Students become word explorers as they work their way up word-building pyramids! Students read clues on each side of the pyramid and then change and rearrange letters to create words until they reach the top, where a final clue helps them uncover a mystery word. The engaging puzzle format gives students independent practice in analyzing sound-symbol relationships, decoding, building spelling skills, and broadening vocabulary to become better readers.

112 pages 8 3/8 x 10 7/8
Grades 2-3

Grade: 2nd - 3rd grades
Brand:Scholastic teaching resources

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