Dice activities for money

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Dice activities for money

The authors of Dice Activities for Money believe that the more young children handle money and learn in a playful way, the greater their chances for mastering this basic life skill! The engaging, classroom-tested activities in this book provide students with ample opportunities to practice money-related skills, including making change.

Using real or play money and dice, students quickly become familiar with coin names and coin values as they count and stack coins, engage in circle races, and play Banking, Tic-Tac-Toe, Money Bingo, Go Around, and much more! Along the way they gain fluency in adding and subtracting, recognizing number patterns, and representing money using the cents or dollar sign.

Accompanying digital book allows games to be played on any brand of interactive board or with computer and projector.

120 pages.

Grade: 1st - 3rd grades

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