I want to go to school brown v board of education

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I want to go to school brown v board of education

The book begins in 1950s in Topeka, Kansas but spread to many cities and towns as discriminatory laws mandated that black children could not attend the same schools as white children. Black children would often have to cross whole cities to reach their schools, passing schools for white children along the way. But in 1951, the Topeka NAACP filed a lawsuit that would forever change schools - and the relationship between blacks and whites.

Brown was much more than a case about one little girl - it was about a whole nation of people who had grown tired of injustice. Brown v. Board of Education represented more than 200 plaintiffs and 12 different attorneys and community activists. Integration did not take place overnight, but Brown v. Board of Education marked the milestone when the notion of equality moved away from just being an idea and took the first steps toward becoming reality.

A partial list of the Table of Contents include:
A Timeline of Events
I Want To Go To School! Brown v. Board of Education
Equal Protection under the Law
"Jim Crow" Laws
Who Was Brown?
Thurgood Marshall
Affirmative Action
The Future
Additional Resources
And More!

This fun-fill activity book includes:
Crossword Puzzle
Write About It!
Do The Math
Decipher The Code
Answer the Questions
And Much More!


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