Civil war timeline

Picture of Civil war timeline
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Civil war timeline

This colorful Civil War Timeline shows an overview of events, important dates and pictures of important civil war generals. This Civil War Timeline of awesome achievements and events will stimulate students' imagination to help them visualize important events in history!! The Timeline is over 8 feet long. Great for the classroom and hallways.

This Civil War Timeline includes events from 1820-1870. Some of the events include:

1857 — Supreme Court rules slave Dred Scott is property of his owner.
1861 — Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana secede from the Union.
1862 — 1st ironclad ship battle between Monitor and Merrimac
1863 — President Lincoln issues Emancipation and Proclamation
1864 — Grant appointed Commander of Union Army
1865 — 13th Amendment abolishes slavery
1866 — Congress passes Civil Rights Act
1870 — 15th Amendment grants blacks right to vote


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