American milestones the oregon trail

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American milestones the oregon trail

Just imagine-riding for six months in a wagon, choking on dust, sweating in searing heat, crossing raging rivers, fighting off disease and Indians-the life of a pioneer on the Oregon Trail. Beginning in the 1840s, thousands of Americans took the risk... and lumbered across this seemingly endless trail to a life of promise in the west.

This book includes:
· What's in That Wagon? · Manifest Destiny · Perils Along the Trail · Into the Unknown · Who Were Those Pioneers · Bountiful Buffalo · Hands-on Activities · Reproducible Activities · Glossary · Fascinating Facts · Timeline · And Lots More!

Students can learn much from the compelling story of the overland pioneers who let nothing, and no one - including daunting Mother Nature, a vast, untamed wilderness, and hostilities of all kinds - stand in the way of their dreams and determination. Climb on up in your wagon and "bump along" in this fun, factual and "Wow-that's amazing" book!


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