What was the civil war all about anyway

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What was the civil war all about anyway

WHAT Was the Civil War All About, Anyway? The first-shots, nation-divided, winners, losers, blood, guts, glory, and not so glorious story of America's only Civil War!

This book on basically "What Was the Civil War All About, Anyway?" takes a unique approach of exploring "what" in bite-size, digestible, entertaining pieces. Instead of the rote, pat answers usually given in books for children, this book actually offers a more practical, thorough, intense look at how Americans got into this mess, and lets students-GASP!-draw their own conclusion. The author, Carole Marsh, believes that kids have strong opinions about war, and are entitled to their own Monday morning quarterbacking as to what was good, bad, right, wrong, etc. regarding this war of brother against brother.

This book includes a combination of funky, radical, text-based, non-fiction graphic novels awash in drama and commentary with speedy but thorough stories, all in first person, and often the words of an actual participant. This book is FUN TO READ. Civil War, fun-it can be done! Absolutely no "content warning" on these books, except BEWARE: You may not be able to put it down, kid!


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