When did it happen in the civil war

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When did it happen in the civil war

WHEN Did It Happen in the Civil War? A first-hand chronology from the battlefields, home fronts, White House, courthouse, and more... via e-mails, telegrams, text messages, secret ciphers & more!

This book on "when" the Civil War took place completely (and thankfully!) disregards the boring monotone of a strict chronology (YAWN!) and tackles the question of "when" through a clever ongoing monologue via GPS, telegram, bullhorn, text messages, cell phone calls, and other "of the era" as well as anachronistic communication tools. Yes, "when" can be a page-a-day kind of thing, or the horror of an endless battle, or the split second between the bullet and the body.

This book includes a combination of funky, radical, text-based non-fiction graphic novels awash in drama and commentary with speedy but thorough stories, all in first person, and often the words of an actual participant. This book is FUN TO READ. Civil War, fun-it can be done! Absolutely no "content warning" on these books, except BEWARE: You may not be able to put it down, kid!


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