Cooperative learning & pre algebra gr 6-12

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Cooperative learning & pre algebra gr 6-12

Motivate your students to excel with teamwork. You'll be amazed at how well your students will work in teams. They'll pay attention, solve problems together, help each other out when a teammate gets stuck, and discuss pre-algebra concepts every day! Master math teacher and celebrated author Becky Bride shares her step-by-step cooperative learning activities and explorations with you. With this terrific resource, Becky takes all the prep work out of teamwork. Chapters cover: whole numbers, integers, decimals, fractions, ratios, proportion, percent, coordinate planes, data analysis, and probability. See why students overwhelmingly prefer working together than working alone. Watch your test scores soar. Book includes reproducible blacklines for transparencies and activities. 312 pages

Grade: 6th - 10th grades
Brand:Kagan publishing

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