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Cd brain boogie boosters

By The Learning Station
Dr. Becky Bailey and The Learning Station unite to create interactive, fun, brain-boosting movement songs and activities that foster optimal brain integration. This collection of 18 engaging tunes includes stop and go activities that improve attention spans, breathing and stretching songs to disengage the stress response, and connecting songs that enhance impulse control skills. Take a musical break, cross your midline, touch your heart, inspire your soul, integrate your brain and boost learning with this incredible new CD.

Song List
1. Boogie Rock
2. Brain Boogie Boosters
3. Greetings
4. Move And Freeze
5. Watch Me Listen
6. Calm Your Brain
7. You Are Heart
8. Wadlee Atcha
9. Itsy Ditsy Spider
10. Peace Like A River
11. Skip Count
12. I Gotta Go
13. Nutrition Pyramid
14. Brain Game
15. Brain Break
16. Friends Connect
17. Team Of Two
18. It's A Marvelous Day
19. Safe And Calm

Brand:Kimbo educational

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