Leaping literacy rhythm sticks ribbons & games cd

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Leaping literacy rhythm sticks ribbons & games cd

Leaping Literacy! Rhythm Sticks, Ribbons & Games Here's an innovative new way to help prepare children for reading success! Terific songs, tongue twisters, games, and activities ensure that children will develop a love of language. Kids will enjoy lyrics and movement activities that are so full of fun they won't know they are actually learning! Each song reinforces at least one valuable literacy skill; i.e., listening, oral language, letter knowledge, segmentation, print-related spatial relationships, phonological awareness and more. The more senses we involve-the more likely learning is to stick, and Leaping Literacy selections encourage learning to stick! Children get to use their eyes, ears, and hands as they practice segmentation, listening, creating rhyming word families, identifying onomatopoeia, moving left to right and top to bottom, and more. Starring the popular children's singer, Don Monopoli, of The Learning Station. This important new release is by Dr. Pam Schiller (see Activity Page for more by Dr. Schiller).

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