Moving to math cd

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Moving to math cd

In this game of strategy and logic, it's ok to be in the hot seat. In fact, the goal is to hop your red robot over obstacles to reach the red spot on one corner of the game board. Jump over blue and green BOTS to reach your goal in the quickest, most efficient way possible. An award-winning travel game, the colorful board functions as a self-contained traveling case. With board dynamics that are constantly changing, this game will keep minds of all ages limber and alert


* 4 Levels of Play, Beginner to Expert
* 40 Mind Challenge Cards™ with Solutions
* 1 Red Hero Robot, 9 Green Robots, 4 Blue Robots
* 1 Game Grid
* Game-Go Storage Bag

Ages: 8 to Adult, Single Player

Brand:Kimbo educational

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