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Chef cuckoo

Whip up creative dishes!
Armed with a stack of Ingredient Cards and a given Food Challenge, create the best or worst meals with Chef Cuckoo.
Here's the kooky part: you may be tasked with an awful dish, as well as a tasty one! Can you whip up the yuckiest soup? The most sensational pizza?
To compete for awards, chefs attempt to come up with a fun name and entertaining description of their recipe. The best-or the worst-chefs will emerge from the kitchen with the stars to prove it!
Learn the fundamentals of cooking while getting familiar with your family and friends' taste buds with Chef Cuckoo!

Ages: 7 to Adult
3 to 8 Players
Play Time: 20 Minutes
- 60 Ingredient Cards
- 12 Food Challenge Cards
- 24 Stars
- Illustrated Rules

Age: 7 - 11 years
Brand:Blue orange usa

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